Climate change and environmental degradation pose the greatest threats to human rights the world has ever seen. Across the globe, the impacts of climate change are felt the hardest by members of disadvantaged or marginalised communities. A growing awareness that marginalised groups are hit hardest, and that if current practices continue the future for all of humanity is bleak, at best, has created a call for climate justice. Climate change, human rights, climate justice, and justice are complicated concepts. As I study these topics, I come across a lot that I would like to write about and cannot cover. I want a space where I am committed to writing about the importance of protecting the planet to preserve human rights. I am new to writing outside of school, and I welcome constructive feedback.

Some of the publications here will be academic papers which have received mild revisions based on instructor comments. I would like to start writing professionally and I am beginning with some self-publishing. Please comment if my writing style leaves any confusion. I try to write clearly, and I want to convey the content of my writing so that it is easy to read.


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